Getaway Special!

Feast upon an extensive array of Hot and Cold Hors-d'ouvers and toast your loved ones with a Bottle of Champagne on Ice.

Your "Getaway Special" is only!

$50.00 Can/Couple - $40.00 US/couple

This Special Offer is based on couples and conditional on two or more nights stay.

Sample Hors-d'ouvers Menu

Buffalo Chicken Wings; Spicy meatballs; Chicken Taquitos; Shrimp & Vegetable Spring Rolls; Dry Garlic Ribs; Crab & Cheese Dip; Heritage Sourdough Baguette; Candied Smoked Salmon; Balderson Aged Cheddar Cheese; Greek Olives; Salsa; Seafood Cocktail Sauce; Tsatziki sauce; Mixed raw Veggies; Naniamo Bars; Romaine Lettuce (Garnish) with slices of Fresh Lemon.

On Ice

Tott's Brut Champagne
Martinellis Sparkling Apple

"In the Roman espousals, the man gave the woman a ring by way of pledge, and the woman put it on the third finger of her left hand, because it was believed that a nerve ran from that finger to the heart."
Macrobius: Sat. vii. 15.

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Nancy Fry,