Innkeeper - Nancy Fry

Nancy is a Registered Nurse (BSN). She enjoys cooking, watching wrestling and reading Daniel Steele books. She has travelled extensively through Europe, North America and New Zealand; from Bar Maid in England to Ships Nurse on an Icebreaker. During the 1976 Olympics she cycled from Vancouver to Montreal.

Innkeeper - Barry Rinas

Barry is a marine engineer who graduated from The Canadian Coast Guard College in 1978. He has quite an interest in old steam ships and holds a 1st Class Combined Marine Engineer Certificate. Shown here in the engineroom of the "Prince George" a passenger vessel built in 1948. The vessel was a Vancouver to Alaska Cruise Ship.

When twilight dews are falling soft
Upon the rosy sea, love
I watch the star whose beam so oft
Has lighted me to thee, love.
When Twilight Dews.

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Nancy Fry,