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All-You-Need Washbasin Bag


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The All You Need Washbasin Bag is a convenient and innovative solution for mothers who struggle to find a clean space to wash their chiller and breast pump parts while on the go. This patent-pending foldable washbasin bag provides a sanitary way to disinfect your baby bottles, flanges, and more, using just running water. With the included soap dispenser, scrub brush, and microfiber towel, you can easily clean your pump parts between sessions and store everything in the bag until the next use. Made from durable and water-resistant canvas material, this bag is not only great for washing pump parts but can also be used to store all of your essentials. TSA-friendly and easy to clean, the All You Need Washbasin Bag is a must-have for mothers who want a convenient and hygienic solution for cleaning their baby essentials.