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Products you can promote from Canyon Coolers

2023 Canyon Hoodie

5 gallon Watercooler

Adventure Sticker

Aquatraction Pad

Arches NP Sticker

Big Ditch Tee

Boneyard B-stock Coolers

Bottle 18oz

Bottle 36oz

Bottle Artist Series Hopi Pottery 18oz

Bottle Canyon Liberty Series

Bottle Desert Cactus Artist Series 18oz

Bottle Desert Cactus Artist Series 36oz

Bottle Mountain Artist Series 18oz

Bottle Mountain Artist Series 36oz

Bronco Sticker

Chillin Brew Ice Pack

Clean Ice Bag

Cold Patch Cap

Color Logo Tee

Cooler Baskets

Copy of Artist Series Bottle 18oz/Navy Blue Blanket

Copy of Artist Series Tumbler - 20oz/White Whale

Copy of Bottle Artist Series 18oz/Navy Blue Blanket

Copy of Tumbler Artist Series Hopi Pottery 20oz

Copy of Tumbler Artist Series Hopi Pottery 30oz

D-Funk Cooler Cleaner/Deodorizer

EZCam Replacement Latch (2 Pack)

Float Sticker

Float Tee

GCNP Sticker

Get Lucky Sticker

Growler 64oz

Havasu Falls Sticker

Kawasaki Nomad 20

Kawasaki Nomad 30

Kitchen Bag

Large Catering Pan

Liberty Series Tumbler-20oz

Liberty Series Tumbler-30oz

Logo Cap

Logo Sticker

Logo Tee

MasterLock Python Adjustable Cable lock

Mule 30 Quart Cooler

Mule/Scout Replacement Latch (2 Pack)

Navigator 150 Divider

Navigator Bobsled

Navigator PRO150 Quart Cooler

Nomad 20