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Choose your favorite products for your own branded store, and let our platform handle the rest, giving you more time to focus on your content and audience.

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No credit card required, get started in minutes.

Wayward makes it easy

Create a store & shoppable link in bio

Create a high-performing store front in minutes, and customize it to your desired look and feel.

Millions of commissionable products

Directly integrated brands, Amazon, and thousands of other commissionable affiliate links at your fingertips.

Unlock the IG Shop

More customers are buying directly through instagram, sell to you audience where they are already interacting with you.

Build an email list of your followers

Break away from the platforms. You receive the contact information of your audience members who purchase through you.

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We're looking for creators with:

  • 20,000+ followers
  • Experience promoting products
  • Content in all categories (fitness, lifestyle, cooking, beauty, parenting, travel, extreme sports, and more)

How Wayward works

1. Start your curated store

We allow you to create a high-performing store front in minutes, and customize it to your desired look and feel.

2. Add your favorite products

Pick your favorite products from brands you love and start selling today - all without the hassle of running an eCommerce business.

3. Share and promote your store

Promote your store and products where you already are today: your social channels, your blog.

Get started today

We're looking for creators with:

  • 20,000+ followers
  • Experience promoting products
  • Content in all categories (fitness, lifestyle, cooking, beauty, parenting, travel, extreme sports, and more)

Creators love our platform

"It has been so exciting to get my store up and running. I've heard from my followers multiple times now how much they love being able to see the discounts and brands I love all in one place."


Mini Voyager

"My store finally lets me be in control of my audience’s shopping journey and curate it how I want to. This is the future of creator e-commerce."



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Wayward is the clear choice over typical affiliate options or other monetization methods.

Earn more
Credit for every sale, no matter when it happens
Subject to cookie windows
Conversion Rates
Access to Customer Data
Reliable Attribution
Prone to issues
Work Less
Easy & Quick Onboarding Process
Real-time Reporting & Analytics
No Need to Check Product Stock
Manual checks
Wow your Audience
Your brand and UX from post to purchase
Single Checkout Across All Brands
Brand Partnership Onboarding Support
Automatic Discounts Application
Promo codes


How does it work?

How much control do I have over the UX of the shopping experience?

You have final say over the UX that your customers see on your store. You can update product listings with your own custom content any time you want.

Does Wayward ship orders placed through the creators's store?

No, we collaborate with our brand partners to ensure that they fulfill orders, just as they would for orders placed through their own website. By doing so, we're able to maintain consistency in pricing and shipping costs that our customers are accustomed to from each brand.

Who determines which brands I promote?

It's your store and you are the creator, so you have ultimate control of brands you promote on your store, as long as the brand has agreed to work with you.

How do I view performance metrics?

You'll receive weekly performance metrics alongside each payout. Soon, you can conveniently access all performance data on demand by logging in to your account.

How do the economics work?

How does Wayward make money?

Wayward earns a small transaction fee on each purchase. Commission rates are reflected in the creator portal net of Wayward's transaction fee.

Who determines the commission rate and discount code provided between creators and brands?

At Wayward, we believe in giving creators and brands the flexibility to determine the terms of their partnership. While our team is always available to provide guidance and assistance, we leave it to the parties involved to agree on the commission rate and discount code that work best for them. As a starting point, we recommend commission rates that are comparable to those found in typical affiliate relationships.

How do I get paid?

We make payments on a weekly basis for all orders placed during the past 7 days, using ACH.

What does being a partner look like?

How much time do I have to put in to run my store?

We know that your time is valuable. We make it easy to run your store, where the only management will be any specific product content that you want to add. We'll take care of all of the domain hosting, product management, and everything else that takes time away from you doing what you love.

How are contracts formed between creators and brands? Can it be canceled at any time?

Contracts are seamlessly managed through our platform, with both brands and creators entering into a bilateral agreement directly with Wayward. This arrangement includes providing brands with the necessary tools to choose their creator collaborators, set commissions, and establish consumer discounts. No direct contracts between brands and creators are required, simplifying the partnership process for all parties involved.

By default, partnerships between brands and creators are ongoing, offering the flexibility to modify terms as needed. To ensure a smooth transition for both parties, any changes or cancellations require at least 72 hours' notice, providing creators with ample time to adjust to new arrangements.

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