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What about have your kid learning and having fun while they take a bath? merka´s Bath Books and crayons are just what you need to have your children entertain and learning while you bathe them! These merka Bath Books include 4 Bath Books PLUS a set of Bath Crayons to create a fun and engaging learning activity in the bathroom. You´ll love them! Each set includes five learning topics with big and colorful images that give you and your kid and interactive way of learning. Each topic is written as a story so your kid can learn through reading and images. The funny thing is that this can be experienced in the water with these waterproof and floatable beautiful books. merka Bath Books includes a set of Bath Crayons Markers with washable and bright colors that help your kid develop its motor skills and learn about colors and painting. They can be used in the shower and the bath tube and they are easy to clean, just add water and the color will come right off. The perfect size of these books let your little ones grab them easily and take them everywhere! It´s special for these small hands! Our bath books and crayons also make great learning outside the bathroom, they make a great night time book as well. Use them every time, every day and give them the chance to have fun and play while they learn!