Essential Oil Breathe Blend for Diffuser

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Our Mission With so many different routines, regimens and options, we understand that things can become overwhelming when it comes to self-care. Everyone can benefit from personal care, but at Voyenna we remove the uncertainty and confusion by applying our principles of universal self-care. We create simple, natural products that use pure ingredients to address universal self-care concerns and offer a holistic regimen that anyone can benefit from. Voyenna Breathing Oil This essential oil breathe blend will aid in opening your airways. Enjoy the smells and vapors of our naturally crafted blend. Recommended Uses: Great for your favorite diffuser, the pleasant vapors will fill your room with the naturally blended scent. Perfect for massages, using in combination with a base oil will keep the integrity of the scent and soothe your skin. Enjoy a relaxing bath with the steam from the water, combined with our vapors. If you love our scent, take it with you wherever you go by creating an aroma spray with our oils. Warning: This is a very concentrated essential oil blend. Do not use it on skin without diluting with an MCT or similar oil. Active Ingredients: Eucalyptus Citrus Limonium Peppermint Rosemary Tea Tree.