Dad Shirt | Black


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A super soft, durable, form-fitting shirt engineered to hold your baby - from birth to 15 pounds. 

Made for dads who want to keep babywearing simple. Bonding made easy, no complicated wrapping or buckling here. Just put on your shirt, tuck your new babe into the front pouch, and feel both freedom and closeness. No more cramped arms, tired back, or worry. Keep ‘doing you’ and give your wifey that much needed break. Made with premium breathable fabric, tailored to fit close and keep your babe safe. The supportive infant pouch extender grows with baby and can be secured with sewn-in magnets when not in use. Can be worn as a shirt once baby grows out of it.

The pouch safely holds your from 7-15lbs.  Our Simple Wrap is ideal for babies from 13 to 28lbs.