Merino Wool Ultimate Baby Sleep Sack

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Are you worried about which weight sleep bag to use and whether your baby will be too hot or cold while sleeping?

With Woolino there is no need to worry because exceptionally breathable merino wool naturally regulates baby's body temperature to ensure s/he sleeps comfortably through the night.

This luxurious baby sleeping bag will also save you buying lots of different sizes and TOG ratings as it comes in one standard size that fits babies 2m - 2yrs old and it can be used year-round.

• 100% natural: Silky-soft Australian merino wool lining & organic cotton outer. One universal size, 2mo -2yrs. For smaller babies simply close the underarm snaps to adjust the fit. Can be used in all seasons - suitable for room temp. 63-77F (17-25C). Unlike any other fiber, merino regulates body temperature keeping baby warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. Zipper-pull guards to protect child’s skin and discourage child from chewing on the zipper pull. Opens completely flat for easy dressing. Machine washable. Can be tumble-dried. Nursery thermometer with dressing guide included. Beautifully packaged in 100% biodegradable gift box. Meets all US CPSC children safety requirements. Woolmark certified merino. OEKO-Tex 100 certified fabric and accessories (tested for harmful substances). Also available in toddler size 2-4 years

Why Merino? A study done by University of Sydney, Australia has found that a better night's sleep is achieved when sleeping in or under wool. Significantly finer than other types of wool, merino is the perfect fiber to have next to child's sensitive skin. It breathes, regulates temperature, manages moisture, it is hypoallergenic, easy care and durable. It is naturally perfect.