Oliver the Ornament Meets Frasier and Merry Interactive Narrated eBook


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Oliver the Ornament Meets Frasier and Merry is an interactive narrated eBook that brings the heartwarming story of Oliver and his friends to life. This amazing studio created eBook can be downloaded on any device, allowing your child or grandchild to read along with the narration, enjoy the beautiful illustrations, and learn valuable lessons along the way. In this installment of the Oliver the Ornament series, the story revolves around the introduction of the adorable ornaments Frasier and Merry into the Nelson Family collection. As with many ornaments, there is a special meaning behind their arrival. However, Nellie, the naughty ornament in the attic, is determined to ruin Christmas for all the ornaments and the entire Nelson family. Will she succeed this time? Can Oliver stop her plan? Discover the answers to these questions and more in this captivating eBook.