Rainbow of Bubbles Bath Set

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We've tried to pack as much information as possible on this website about us, our products, our ingredients, and our overall product ethos. Despite that, we know that buying from a company for the first time can take a leap of faith. If you are uncertain about us, we now offer sample packets that you can purchase for $0.01 each + a minimal shipping charge (limit 7). Our samples are a great way to determine if you love our scents and textures and helps you be confident about what we are doing if you intend to come back and buy more! If you do place a full order with us, we want you to be happy, but we know in some cases a certain product may just not smell right to you or just may not be the right fit! In an effort to minimize the environmental impacts of an additional round of shipping, using more packaging materials, and wasting your time, rather than accepting returns, please send an email to info@dabbleanddollop.com (within 30 days of purchase) and we will refund you your purchase price up to a maximum of $20 from your total purchase amount (inclusive of any shipping paid).