Matcha Powder from Japan

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HIGHEST QUALITY CULINARY MATCHA TEA FROM JAPAN is a favorite with tea experts. Delicious, smooth, and never bitter like lesser grade teas. Unless you travel to Japan, you may never have had the opportunity to enjoy this extraordinary Matcha we believe to be the finest culinary variety in the world. The taste is so delicious and rich it tastes a lot like very expensive ceremonial tea. You get our generous 100 gram value size for the exceptional benefits and enjoyment of premium Matcha. GROWN IN SHADE, CAREFULLY HANDPICKED. Expert tea growers harvest our tea leaves very selectively. They skip the bitter ones and only choose the most flavorful & smoothest. No wonder this tea delivers such impressive benefits. Drink a cup each day for more energy, a better metabolism, while supporting weight management. Works wonders to increase focus, productivity, and be in the moment with friends and family. Helps prevent disease. HURRY AND BUY NOW while we have this special Matcha tea in fresh supply. Makes an excellent gift for a friend.