Whey Protein Bar

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We believe life is complicated enough. Our quest with each Rise Bar is to use only the essential ingredients needed to fuel your busy life. Packed with 16 grams of protein, it's perfect for breakfast, snacks, pre-workout, post-workout or as a meal replacement. We’ve got one of the shortest ingredient lists you’ve ever seen: 4 ingredients are all we need to make the Rise Chocolatey Almond bar the simplest, most energizing protein bar that never compromises on taste. Every Rise Protein Bar provides slight, delicious variations in each of our health snacks. We’re non-GMO project verified, soy free, peanut free, grain and gluten free, and we never use artificial sugars, preservatives or sugar alcohols. Paleo friendly. Best nutrition for human health. The only sugar in this bar is derived naturally from honey (15g), but we do recommend consulting with a dietician to find the correct amount of sweetener for your diet. Whether you are on a paleo diet, vegan, celiac, or vegetarian — Rise Bar has something to fit your needs. Rise Bars work best for a diet that is focused on whole ingredients and high protein. There are no artificial sweeteners added, like stevia. Now, there’s no need for buying giant quantities of bulk vanilla powder from the grocery store for your smoothies. Move faster in the morning with our quick and convenient box full of premier quality bars. The taste is delicious and better than ever, and doesn’t taste bland or like chalk. Become a fan of our bars, no matter what your lifestyle! Ingredients: Honey, Almonds, Whey Protein Isolate (dairy), Carob Powder With 8 delicious assorted flavors and 5 ingredients or less, each Rise Bar has the nutrition you need without all the extra stuff. All eight of our satisfying flavors are mixed by hand in our very own kitchen. This means each batch is a little different, which makes every bite you take a unique flavor experience. Check out our storefront for more great flavors from Rise!