Cut Resistant Work Gloves for Women and Men

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Get comfort and extra protection thanks to our unique reinforced design Can comfort and protection truly go hand in hand? We believe so! That’s why we made the bulk of the gloves with 100% food-safe, ultra-high quality, molecular-weight polyethylene yarn mixed with spandex. This keeps them light, flexible and comfortable, giving you that second-skin feel. And, it offers great cut resistance. But we also reinforced the three fingers most vulnerable to cuts - the thumb, forefinger and middle finger - with stainless steel thread. And while stainless steel thread usually makes the material less elastic, focusing the thread on the most vulnerable parts of your hand keeps the gloves comfortable. This further increases the protection level and makes your gloves more durable too. 100% food safe cut-resistant gloves that feel like second skin Food preparation is precise, tricky work. You need to be able to hold meat, veggies and fruit in place without slipping and risking your fingers. These gloves help you do just that. The tight-knit mesh fits snugly against your skin so it feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all. This way, you can pull off your best master chef impression without worrying about accidental cuts and scrapes. And, thanks to the ambidextrous design, you don’t even have to worry about which gloves goes on which hand. Just slip these on whenever you’re slicing and dicing fruit for breakfast, chopping veggies for lunch, or filleting fish or steak for dinner. Comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time as you carve your next masterpiece Whittling a new ball and chain design that needs hours of intricate knife work? Our super comfortable cut resistant gloves have you covered. These gloves may be strong and durable, but they’re also extremely lightweight thanks to the mix of light, modern materials. This means you get the dexterity and freedom of