(SkyBlue) Cat,Dog Hair Remover for Carpet,Lint Roller for Pet Hair Remover for Couch,Carpet Rake for Pet Hair Removal,Portable Lint Removal for Clothes,Fuzz,Dust,Pill,Hairball,Durable Carpet Brush

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♦Our company's reusable Dog hair Remover uses double-sided pure copper blades and New design plastic handles. Ergonomic design and pure handwork from the mysterious east create high-end products. ♦This is a magical Carpet Brush. With this Lint Rolled Refills, you will always be fresh and sunny in every inch of your space. ♦1 Piece Set Lint Cleaner Pro ♦The initial use is less than 10°, scrape slowly to test whether the clothes can be used. Remember, you can not use sweaters, otherwise it will cause hooks. ♦Not recommended for low density knitwear, low density knit sweaters.