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Family Face Cream Duo


Protecting Baby Face Cream Texture
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Two nutrient-rich face creams for personalized protection, no matter your age or skin type. Inclusive of our bestselling face creams: Nourishing Baby Face Cream and Protecting Baby Face Cream, this powerful duo deeply hydrates and protects the whole family to ban dry, compromised skin.

Nourishing Face Cream provides 72 hours of hydration and is great for everyday use for mom, toddlers, and baby.

Protecting Baby Face Cream replenishes the skin barrier and moisturizes the most delicate skin types in need of extra protection, including newborns. Available in 3 different textures for the ultimate tailored experience for any skin type or climate:
  • Gel Cream: Ideal for normal skin types and/or hot, humid climates
  • Silk Cream: Ideal for dry skin types and/or temperate climates
  • Rich Cream: Ideal for ultra-dry skin types and/or cold, dry climates