Portable Chair Camping Chairs

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CLIQ chair sits tall and packs small - weighing just ~3 pounds and folding up to the size of a water bottle, the CLIQ chair is convenient, portable and easy to store. Designed with your comfort in mind. The perfect low profile, lightweight camping chair for outdoors, camping, the beach, concerts, sporting events and much more. Have the best seat in 5 seconds. Easiest set up. From concerts to camping, barbecues or the beach, now you can always have a sturdy chair when you need it. Designed by an expert engineering team using premium materials, CLIQ CHAIR is your comfort companion for life. Its patented design has been tested extensively to deliver great performance in all conditions. Sturdy and stable on any ground: The four-legged, tip-proof design keeps you high and dry in sand, mud, and dirt, keeping you stable. Go ahead and rock it. We promise you won't fall off.