3-Pack Soothe Swaddle Wraps


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GOTS-Certified 100% Organic Cotton - License No.: 1042833

Available in 2 sizes: Suitable for babies up to 28 Inches

Perfect baby shower gift: Comes with cute gift box

Create Wonderful Moments Together

Our mission is to inspire modern parents to build strong parent-child bonds and create wonderful moments together. We believe that through strong parent-child bonds, parents can create a loving & inspiring environment to nurture their child's full potential.

Ergonomically Designed

Designed with style, function and comfort in mind, our KeaBabies Soothe Swaddle Wrap uses a 2-way stretch fabric knit (non-horizontal stretch) together with ultra strength non-scratch hook and loop fasteners to ensure that your baby is held snugly inside the swaddle wrap at all times. Securing your baby from shoulders to torso allows natural movement of the hips, which is safe and ergonomic for their physical development.

KeaBabies Tip: Keep the room at a comfortable temperature (between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit year-round). A pair of cotton pyjamas before swaddling your baby in the Soothe Swaddle Wrap is enough to keep him/her comfy.

Sleep Through The Night

You can start sleep training your baby to sleep through the night with KeaBabies Soothe Swaddle Wrap. It helps them to put themselves to sleep without rocking or sucking. The safe and secure environment also mimics the womb which prevents the startle reflux which usually happens in the middle of the night.

KeaBabies Tip: You should stop swaddling your baby once he/she is starting to learn to roll over on their belly. You may start transitioning to a zipper sleeping bag when your baby is about 3-4 months old.

Generously Sized With Adjustable Necklines

Babies do grow bigger than their expected growth rate. So we made our Soothe Swaddle Wraps to be longer and wider to fit your baby's healthy development. Suitable for premie, newborn and infant from 6 to 20 lbs.

KeaBabies Tip: Ensure that the hip positioner flap is lifted and attached with the hook and loop fastener on the inner side of the arm pocket. This prevents your baby's hand from fumbling out of the swaddle wrap.

Durable & Lasting

Modern parents are busy. Busy parents do laundry with a machine. Our Soothe Swaddle Wraps are made of premium and anti-shrink organic cotton fabric that is lasting and durable.

Wash Care: Machine wash in cold and tumble dry low. Do not use softeners or bleach.

Includes: Little tab for attaching your little one's favorite binky, soother or teether.

  • 3-Pack Organic Cotton Baby Swaddle - Our KeaBabies Soothe Baby Swaddle Wraps are made with Global Organic Textile Certified (GOTS-certified) Organic Cotton (License No.: 1042833). Each swaddling set comes in 3-pack, so you will never run out of baby sleep sack to use.
  • Ergonomic & Smart Design - Ergonomically designed and tested on newborn and infants up to 5 months, our KeaBabies Soothe Baby Swaddle Wrap are easy to use and provides your baby with a safe, snug and cozy environment that mimics the womb, allowing them to sleep through the night. Great for safe sleep training and infant brain development.
  • Generously Sized - Most baby swaddle sleep sacks in the market are sized smaller and shrink after machine wash. Our KeaBabies Soothe Swaddle Wraps are sized generously and fits baby from 6 to 21 lbs, up to 25 inches. One Size is suitable for 0-3 months and even up to 5 months of age.
  • Durable 2-Way Stretch Knit - Our Soothe Swaddle Wrap keeps your baby’s arms securely inside the swaddle blanket, without stretching it, thanks to our FabTech 2-way stretch fabric technology.
  • Perfect Baby Shower Gift - Our Soothe Baby Swaddle Wraps are the perfect baby shower gift for new parents. It’s cute and gender neutral design makes it versatile for everyday use. Its the perfect gift that every parent will love!