Mini Chef Convertible | Helper Tower


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Piccalio is known for their swoon-worthy wooden products for kids (think: balance beam, pikler triangle and balance board), so it’s no surprise that their ever-popular Mini Chef Convertible Kitchen Helper Tower features a similar wow-worthy modern design. The Helper Tower features three height options and is designed to encourage independence and self-confidence as your mini-me gets the extra leg up they need to brush their teeth, help you in the kitchen, or peek out the window at the garbage truck. We especially adore that the Helper Tower converts to a table in just a few simple steps, allowing them a height-appropriate surface to eat, draw, or build. Why we love it: Piccalio offers a vegan leather Guard Net ($34), which provides a protective barrier to the back of the helper tower. Since the Helper Tower can be used starting at 12 months old, we love this extra security net that ensures our littlest of littles stay safe and secure, and don’t accidentally fall backwards out of the helper tower.