Pikler Climbing Foldable Triangle

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The Pikler climbing foldable triangle helps your child meet developmental milestones while encouraging them to explore their own capacities and limits. The Pikler climbing foldable triangle also promotes motor development in your child.

Made out of wood, it provides a perfect opportunity for purposeful play. The Large Pikler triangle size is the best option for older kids.

The first few years of life can be the most challenging and exhausting. Your child is developing faster than you can hide the breakables, but you want to empower your little one to be fearless and learn all that their body can do. This high-quality toy allows for free range of motion and provides a safe environment to inspire self-confidence and body autonomy. 

No need to wait until your child can climb to use your Pikler triangle. Use from birth to stimulate overhead kicking and reaching, promote independent sitting and strengthen muscles to pull into a standing position. 

  • Compatible with both reversible ramp and rock climbing board
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