The Joey


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Please note, all Joey products (including add-ons and pillows) come standard with water-resistant liners underneath! That means no extra purchases need but double the protection!

Introducing The Joey play couch: the best kids play couch that won't leave your furniture a mess! 😌 It's playtime meets furniture time, with a versatile and durable design that's stain resistant and baby/toddler-friendly. Imagination and activities will soar with The Joey – a kids play couch that's just begging to be jumped on! (In other words, super durable. 💪) You can bet that The Joey won't be a kids couch potato 🥔. Keep 'em off yours and onto theirs! Get your Joey today, and watch your kiddos be whisked away on a magical journey of relaxation and fun! Boom. Sofa solved.

The Joey play couch is ideal for all stages of life! From tummy time for babies to toddlers practicing open-ended play, this kids furniture grows with you. No matter your age, you're sure to love the Joey – it's great for the whole fam! (Plus, no endless assembly instructions required!)