Preggie Pop Drops

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Three Lollies, LLC was conceived and delivered by two Healthcare Professionals who were passionate about helping others feel better especially those suffering from motion sickness. Dr. Jim Pathman and Noni Martin, RN. , recognized that not everyone experiences motion sickness the same and that many people are looking for a safe and natural solution (vs. a prescription). With all that in mind, they did extensive research into natural pharmacologic agents, read through the available literature, talked to numerous health care professionals across a number of disciplines, and most importantly, talked directly to motion sickness sufferers. They discovered which herbs are truly helpful and developed a safe and efficacious product, in a form all would enjoy (hard candy or lollipop) and in flavors that would be appealing to anyone with a queasy stomach. As a result of this commitment, Three Lollies, offers a variety of products to help with morning sickness while pregnant, and relief for all other life’s twists and turns (motion sickness) that may cause a queasy or motion sickness feeling. Bonus, they provide the solution in a fun tasty treat! Either in a “pop” or “drop”, both forms come in a variety of tasty flavors. Bonus, all our products are gluten free!