Breast Pump Hands Free M5

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Bound but not free? Too big and too heavy? Not enough milk? Pain at the pump? Always leaking? Yes, through two years of detailed interviews, we understand the troubles of breastfeeding mothers. After continuous verification and innovation, we have launched a breast pump NEW star Momcozy M5. The new all-in-one pump is simple and solves the problem of breastfeeding feeding problems Hand-free, wall-free, tailored SPA-grade comfort pumping makes breastfeeding easier! Painless to pump like a baby's mouth. Time to take a fresh look at wearable breast pumps, because a radical change is going on with our “Baby Mouth” breast pump which has found a precise horizontal pumping angle, the exact angle just like the suckling angle from a baby instead of an upward or downward rough nipple-pulling, which can not only realize painless pumping but also intrigue more letdown.