Headphone Stand

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A practical and designed headphone stand with a 4-in-1 wireless charger. It fits most headphones that work great with phones, iWatch and AirPods, and AirPodsMax simultaneously. Click on "add to cart" now and start de-cluttering and enhancing your office directly. Ideal for your desk or any space: office, studio, bedroom, or next to your TV. The BeFox Headphone Stand Wireless Charger is a space saver and will enhance your space. There are no more headphones on the table, wires of your different chargers everywhere, or discharged Bluetooth earbuds! Gain space, tidy your desk, and charge your device all in one! **Safe charging**: this phone's wireless charger will automatically stop charging when overheating temperature until it returns to normal (heat dissipation technology + **advanced temperature control**).The device is QI CE FCC RoHS Certified. It's** overvoltage protected. **Anti-slip tips** The **Anti-slip tips** of the base prevent you from worrying about the headphone stand moving and causing the headphone to fall. **Dual USB C-Port design** not only wireless charging, but you can also charge other USB devices. **Detachable Wireless Charging Station** You can detach and use the headphone charging stand individually when you don't have a headset. With its lightweight and small size, it's the best choice for trips. **Magnetic iWatch Wireless Charging**  The magnet on the back of the wireless charging watch base is not easy to slip off.