Hot Cold Gel Bead Breast Therapy Pack,Breast Ice Packs for Breastfeeding,Relief for Breastfeeding,Nursing Pain

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About CONBELLA Breast Therapy Pads : We are committed to the research of breastfeeding and strongly support breastfeeding mothers. Our aim is to do everything for mothers and children and give them the best start! We provide you with high quality products and bring you the most comfortable and safe experience. We have the most professional team to serve you at any time, to solve all your needs! we understand that breastfeeding mothers have a lot of problems, and that's why we're developing this product. Breast pads can be used for breast distension, providing soothing cool or heat relief,reducing pain,blocked ducts and mastitis. It can also be used for hemorrhoids, swelling and pain, or to relieve redness and fever caused by trauma. Specification: Condition: 100% brand new Material: Gel Product diameter: 17 cm/6.69inches Package weight: About 304 grams Package Included: 2 pack breastfeeding gel pads, 2 pack soft velvet cover Security Information: 1. Do not overheat, put it in a microwave oven for about 15 seconds, and do not leave it unattended during heating. 2. To avoid frostbite or burns, please put it aside until it reaches a temperature that your skin can withstand. 3. Do not use on unhealthy, damaged or cracked skin. Do not heat the package on bruised or swollen skin within 48 hours. 4. Do not use it on people who cannot take out the product (including children, infants and the elderly), or use it on people who cannot follow all instructions.